Commercial & Retail Leasing Lawyer Brisbane

Commercial & Retail Leasing Lawyer Brisbane

If you own a commercial property or building and need to prepare or terminate a property lease, get in touch with us. Perhaps you need assistance reviewing a property and want to ensure you are protected in case the agreement pushes through. If that’s the case, you can depend on Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary to help.

Our team of Brisbane conveyancers has the know-how, experience and expertise you need to prepare, review and finalise documents and advise you when it comes to commercial and retail lease agreements.

Customised lease agreements

Even when the phrase gets tossed around a lot, there really is no such thing as a standard lease. Therefore, it is important for every property owner or landlord and tenant to ensure their lease accurately depicts and represents their particular situation and requirements.

At Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary, you can expect a personalised service that considers your unique situation. We’re also quite straightforward when it comes to cost concerns and all other business matters.

All Leasing Concerns Covered

We have acted for or on behalf of both tenants and landlords, so we’re quite familiar with the possible drawbacks and legal and financial implications of problematic leases which can:

  • Leave tenants trapped and financially threatened
  • Leave landlords with damaged, decrepit or unsaleable property

But with the help of Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary, you’re more likely to have a good, secure lease which has the potential to add value to your property or business. We’ll make sure your lease has the necessary clauses to protect your property and interests, as well as practical alternatives and solutions in case a tenant defaults or events beyond anyone’s control take place.

We also advise tenants to consult us when they receive a draft lease so we can go over all aspects of and conditions presented in the lease, including any unusual or ambiguous sections. By engaging the assistance of a leasing lawyer, necessary changes can be negotiated to ensure you get the best possible lease. So, never sign any kind of agreement without the proper legal advice.

Suppose you are a business buyer or seller about to get involved in the transfer or assignment of an existing lease. In that case, Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary will ensure you meet important legal deadlines and undertake all necessary documentation or paperwork. Get in touch with our Property Lawyers in Brisbane for the advice you need.

Both landlords and tenants are accorded certain rights and obligations set out in the Retail Leases Act, and we provide guidance in all matters concerning commercial and retail leasing for both lessors and lessees in relation to:

  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Restrictions on lease terms and renewal conditions
  • Rent increases
  • Sublease permissions
  • Property maintenance and expense obligations
  • Security bonds
  • Evictions
  • Dispute resolution

If you need assistance with your commercial or retail lease, please contact Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary today!

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