Property Disputes Lawyer Brisbane

Property Disputes Lawyer Brisbane

Just like any transaction involving two or more parties, property transactions don’t always run smoothly. If and when something goes wrong, it helps to have timely and straightforward legal advice from a team that specialises in conveyancing in Brisbane. We have the lawyers you need to help you successfully navigate disputes however complicated things may get.

You can rely on the Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary team to help you manage legal proceedings. We take the time to fully understand your project and get to know your business and all stakeholders.

After this, we’ll identify key issues and building blocks and find ways to mitigate any commercial risks. This way, we can help you better manage costs, address disagreements and assure you of a favourable and successful project outcome.

Our conveyancing specialists in Brisbane have worked with landowners, property investors and developers, builders, contractors, owners’ corporations, government bodies, local councils, corporations and individuals. Our team of property legal experts can give the support you need in relation to:

  • Planning disputes
  • Land access disputes
  • Land valuation disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Stratum disputes
  • Caveat disputes
  • Titling problems
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Sale and purchase of land disputes
  • Joint venture and property development issues

We will use our extensive experience and exposure to the property industry to ensure all possible approaches are exhausted to achieve the best results for your business. Please contact Deakin Milani Solicitors and Notary now.

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